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Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher
Empowering you to nourish body, mind, and spirit through abundant nutrition, positive affirmations and the practice of yoga.

Cue The sappy music…

In high school, with a demanding dance schedule and the stress of being a teenager, I developed IBS.
Rushing to the washroom at all hours was embarrassing and painful. Then, my jaw broke out with acne and I was exhausted all the time.

I know: show me a teenager that doesn’t have acne! 

But this wasn’t normal teenage acne, it was deep cystic acne and it continued on until my late twenties.

I bought every product on the shelf to clean and clear my skin but these products just burned and peeled. Nothing seemed to help.

Depression came next and I just wanted to sleep until I was thirty or pretty, whichever came first.


Luckily, I didn’t wait until I was thirty…

After a doctor informed me that what we eat doesn’t affect our skin, I was stubborn enough to prove them wrong. I took control of my health & wellness, vowing to help others with similar frustrations and setbacks. I learned as much as I could about adult acne and digestive issues, and became the go-to person for family and friends, supporting them to vitality with the power of whole foods.

Naturally, I became certified in Holistic Nutrition, a perfect addition to my experience as a Yoga Teacher. This combination informs the work that I do, helping you feel and look your best.


And that adult acne and IBS?

Acne? Never to be seen again! With minimal scarring, most people have no idea I once struggled with this.

IBS? More like NBH! Normal Bowel Habits! That’s right, no more pain or embarrassment!

TMI? If we’re gonna get personal about your poops, I’ll break the ice with mine! 


I love my job as a Holistic Nutritionist and the poop-shame train stops here!

Lindsay Gamester, CNP


Lindsay is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, with a passion for whole body/mind care. Her education in nutrition confirmed her passion for wellness and prepared her with additional skills to spark vitality in others. Lindsay believes that supporting wellness through nutrition is more than following a diet. Food education, herbal suggestions, and supplements are combined to meet your body, your history and your amazing potential for resilience and health.

The body needs to absorb the best of the nutrients you feed it, and Lindsay’s years as a yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner lead to a multi-dimensional approach to health and wellness. She creates a holistic personal profile that addresses the complex needs of your individual body.

Lindsay is certified through The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and continues her 10+ year career as a yoga teacher. Committed to ongoing professional development, Lindsay has 300+ hours of yoga teacher training including areas of special interest including Stress & Trauma, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapeutics and Mindfulness Meditation. She’s currently working towards becoming a Registered Herbalist, having completed the Introductory and Intermediate courses at The Herbal Academy and currently enrolled in a Medical Herbalist Course with John Redden in Toronto.

Lindsay continues to teach yoga to her dedicated students, spends time outdoors and foraging for wild food & herbs. She’s facilitated women’s yoga and movement workshops at Hillside Festival in Guelph and moonlights as a DJ for various conscious events in Toronto.

Lindsay is a wealth of information in regards to herbs, food, anatomy, body chemistry, body mechanics, and has a slightly ayurvedic approach to things. However, what makes me trust her vocation more than anything else is that she is an amazing and generous cook.

She understands “soul-food,” and that the point of food is to nourish both the body and the soul.

Jeremy R.

Holistic Nutrition

The body needs to absorb the best of the nutrients you feed it, and my years as a yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner add a holistic approach to nutritional health and wellness. I create a holistic personal profile which addresses the complex needs of your individual body.


I strive to make each class warm and inviting, to make space for students to explore their inner workings of mind, body, and spirit. My classes are held at Yoga Village, Toronto’s only Pay-What-You-Choose studio.

When I’m not working with clients or in a yoga class, you’ll find me in the woods camping and hiking, testing my balance on the slackline, in the kitchen whipping up some soul food or spending time with loved ones and sometimes playing with fire!


Recipe // Bone Broth’n Harmony

Recipe // Bone Broth’n Harmony

Grandma does know best, bone broth nourishes and comforts during the cooler months. Add seaweeds, herbs and spices to increase the benefits of this gut healing drink.

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